Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have not been on this blog for a while because we had kind of stepped back from the jewelry making.  I am here now because I was approached by a client that wanted to know what else we did,  so I thought about it, and said we are crafty.   I know you all know the story about me working in the spa,  and learning jewelry making from the owner,  then I went on to take a  class.  I also discover interior design,  soap making and a lot of great crafty idea.  The thing you may not know is that I worked as a interior designer for a while,  sold soap, and pillows, oh yeah,  I did those things,  I am very crafty.   We will be discussing designers pillow and how to make them for the month of October.   I will share with you a craft design on making some great looking pillows for your home,
so take a look at our blog.   Thanks for stopping by.