Thursday, December 20, 2012


We see jewelry as a way to stand out from the crowd.   Jewelry makes each and everyone of us feel different about ourselves.  Jewelry is a valuable accessories for men and women.  Jewelry has been apart of our lives since the beginning of time.   Jewelry designers has a opportunity to enlighten and make all of  us feel beautiful when we apply the right jewelry.    Shaw Jewelry Studio know what jewelry could offer you in away of income.   As a interior/jewelry designer,  I can tell you that creating a piece of jewelry and seeing your clients face has the same affect as designing a room.
When the client glow from excitement and joy, so will you.   The interior design business will slow down,  but not the jewelry business.  There are so many ways to create and sell your jewelry to others,  and we have the right forum for you to do just that.       

Shaw Jewelry Class starts on January 14th

Don't delay this opportunity for  yourself  let start to create beautiful jewelry after the holidays.

Monday, December 10, 2012


The name of the Shawzae Collection is in honor of my parents that are both deceased.   The actual jewelry that was created in the past had been given several names.   I have heard over the course of many years that everything is tied in,  I believe that to be true.   When I changed my career several years ago from the legal service,  I took a nail course to get into the beauty industry.   I thought this was a glamours business to be in so I worked in the beauty industry for fours years as a nail tech.   I worked for 3 different spas, and salons.   I worked with one of the spa owners that created her jewelry that she sold in her spa,  and it was very inspiring.   I took that gift as I moved on and later started making my own style of jewelry.   I sold jewelry and handbags while I was doing both rental to make my income.   I didn't do very much as a nail tech,  it seems like the ladies was not interested natural nail care.   As my creative mind grew,  I venture into interior design,  and it became harder to get clients in that field,  so it lead me back into the jewelry design business.   I am a very creative person,  and this is absolutely one of my favorite passions that is fun and profitable.   Everyone loves jewelry.