Monday, December 12, 2016


Sterling silver is one of the three precious metals.  Sterling silver is the most plentiful, and least expensive  precocious metal.  Throughout the years  these mythical white metal has been used to mark milestones in celebration and achievements.    The standard for sterling silver has not changed  since 1300 when Edward I of England established  an early practice rule for silversmith,  decreeing that silver must consist of 9.25  pure silver alloyed with 7.6 copper.  The copper is added for the hardness,  because silver is so soft.   The sterling refers to the composition of the metal.   Silver is more plentiful than gold,  and silver has the tend to tarnish over an extreme length of time,  which sometimes makes it less popular,  however,  this metal is long lasting and durable.  The standard is .925 for sterling silver.  Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful and affordable and will last you for years to come.


Thursday, December 1, 2016


I love wearing simple elegant jewelry, it make me feel confident,  it seems to give my skin tone a glow.  My jewelry is speaking to me,  saying that I am not extravagant ,  but have a simple elegant  taste with confident.    I like that,  because it's true and it gives the viewers a simple glance that tells  them you have a simple elegant taste in jewelry.  Jewelry speaks to a lot of people in different ways.
We love jewelry, and the attention it gives us,  and some people want a lot of attention,  and some don't,  I say wear what you love.   Let your jewelry tell your story.  #jewelrylove.