Monday, February 18, 2013


Shaw Jewelry Studio design collection will be out by March 21, 2013 just in time for spring.  Our collection will be created with one of our favorites sterling silver.  Sterling silver is like a breath of spring lite, and shinny.  Sterling silver also go with all colors.  Sterling silver jewelry and components are whats trending now,  so get ready for spring.  Our collection will be comprise of 6 items.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Shaw's Jewelry Studio are continuing to produce new jewelry items for our Shawzae Collection.  We hope that you will enjoy the creative designs that we bring to you.   The studio want to create something for everyone at every price range.   We love to create jewelry and we hope you love the jewelry that we create.  The first item is G's Artful Bracelet and ring set.  This is a fun set to wear and show off with all of the colors, and the second item is White Opal/w 14 K Gold beads.   This set is also prefect as wedding jewelry.   This set is call Lady Opal w/14K Gold Bracelet and Earring Set.
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