Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Gemstones has such a history.  There are so many gemstones and colors to love.  Over centuries various cultures have contributed to the legends and lore surrounding gemstones.   These rare products of nature have inspired philosophers and mystics to attribute  usual power to these special minerals.  There are just so many  wonderful gemstone staring with Actionilite to Zircon.  Each have its own meaning and tells a story.  My favorite gemstone is the Agate.  When you purchase a gemstone,  its not just a bead, it's a part of history with a story.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Wedding season is here,  and I am so excited to do my part to create some beautiful wedding jewelry. The brides are out and about looking for that one piece of jewelry for their special day.  This is the time that every jewelry is purring to help the brides out.   As a jeweler, its our special day also,  so we are going to give the brides what they want,  a one of a kind piece of jewelry.   It doesn't always have to be a wedding to get custom jewelry,  but it's the excitement.   As a designer, and for all other designers,  we are excited for you and we are here for you to make that one of a piece of jewelry that will stand out for you.  I feel the love,  and it's in the air.   Get ready for wedding season.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


People in general love jewelry,  and jewelry speaks to people in different ways  such as style, color, and cost.  When it come to money,  we  all have a certain amount of dollars that we will spend on certain things, including jewelry, it;s called a budget.   So how do we get high end jewelry at a low cost,  we get custom jewelry.   Material is the key to getting high end jewelry without spending a fortune.  The quality material that you get to make jewelry gives you the look,  and quality you want that will last.  When you want jewelry that will look like a million, but cost you maybe $500,  get customized jewelry.  Most people think getting custom jewelry will cost them a fortune,  and it's more than going to the department store or jewelry shop to purchase,  this is not true.   Save money and get your next jewelry piece customized.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Jewelry is one of those things that you can get instant gratification regardless of the cost as long as it's beautiful.   Jewelry is also a conversation piece, when there isn't much conversation,  show off that piece  of jewelry, and the conversation is on,  that's the magic of jewelry.  Jewelry makes you happy when you are sad,  and the magic continues.  I could go on and on,  because I don't know anyone that don't like jewelry.  I love the look on my clients face when they get their jewelry pieces that's created for them, instant gratification.    They don't know it but it's the same for me,  I get that same gratification of seeing their happiness.    Jewelry is the number one seller for women,  so you can not go wrong.


Saturday, January 21, 2017


Love is in the air as we celebrate Valentine Day.  Beautiful handcrafted jewelry made with love for you on this day.   We just started our men jewelry line,  however,  we do have a few gift  options at
Shawzae Boutique.  It's all about love today and you.

Visit our stores at

Visit our store at

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I heard  this statement  a while back " people buy jewelry because they want it,  not because they need it"  I love that statement, because it puts the designers work into perspective.    I don't agree with this statement a 100%  because some people who believes that stone has spiritual power will buy jewelry that hold these stones.  The people that believes in these gemstones want and need the healing power of these stones.  Some people also believe that certain stone has psychic power, so the wants and need of certain jewelry comes together for buyers.   I too have belief in the history of certain gemstones,  and I also love the beauty of the gemstones as well.  For designers,  we create jewelry that will give our clients the instant gratification they seek.    Check out Shawzae Jewelry Shop at


Monday, January 2, 2017


This has been an amazing year,  my continued renewed love for jewelry making has just brought joy to my life.  I finally conquer making gorgeous rings,  this was tough, but I did it  lol.  I admire other jewelry makers for their craft and design styles.   Jewelry is a personal thing and it's instant gratification.   I know when I was a teenager,  and my boyfriend and I would split,  this is the first thing I would go to the store to get,  to make me feel better,  and of course a new outfit.   Although,  the jewelry was inexpensive,  it was beautiful and made me feel good.   This year has really got me going on gemstones, and their history.   Jewelry makers also create jewelry according to the color and season,  so it's really important to keep up with the color trend.   Look for more new jewelry styles and trend from all around the world,  starting here at Shawzae Boutique.  My first blog of 2017.