Monday, December 12, 2016


Sterling silver is one of the three precious metals.  Sterling silver is the most plentiful, and least expensive  precocious metal.  Throughout the years  these mythical white metal has been used to mark milestones in celebration and achievements.    The standard for sterling silver has not changed  since 1300 when Edward I of England established  an early practice rule for silversmith,  decreeing that silver must consist of 9.25  pure silver alloyed with 7.6 copper.  The copper is added for the hardness,  because silver is so soft.   The sterling refers to the composition of the metal.   Silver is more plentiful than gold,  and silver has the tend to tarnish over an extreme length of time,  which sometimes makes it less popular,  however,  this metal is long lasting and durable.  The standard is .925 for sterling silver.  Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful and affordable and will last you for years to come.


Thursday, December 1, 2016


I love wearing simple elegant jewelry, it make me feel confident,  it seems to give my skin tone a glow.  My jewelry is speaking to me,  saying that I am not extravagant ,  but have a simple elegant  taste with confident.    I like that,  because it's true and it gives the viewers a simple glance that tells  them you have a simple elegant taste in jewelry.  Jewelry speaks to a lot of people in different ways.
We love jewelry, and the attention it gives us,  and some people want a lot of attention,  and some don't,  I say wear what you love.   Let your jewelry tell your story.  #jewelrylove.


Saturday, November 26, 2016


We all know that jewelry is a woman number one accessories,  and being a part of creating these beautiful pieces of  jewelry is amazing.  We have so many jeweler who creates these beautiful pieces of jewelry for special events, regular wear,  and weddings.  To a jeweler it's like painting the world beautiful.  There is a special feeling and a creative spark when it come to wedding.   When you are creating jewelry for a wedding,  you are imaging the brides in the most beautiful setting,  and you want your jewelry to match the brides surrounding and feeling,  and it will give you the most amazing feeling.   As a jeweler,  you will want to create some wedding jewelry that will have that grand entrance,  and we all hope to get custom orders,  that's when you know it has to hit all the bells, especially the wedding bell.   Stay creative,  don't ever lose the sight of a beautiful gem.      


Saturday, November 19, 2016


This is one of the most important thing when you start making jewelry.  When you first start out making jewelry  it is difficult to set a price for your piece of jewelry,  I had the same problem.  There are some software programs out there that can help you,  but you can also do this yourself.  When you have components that come in packs or wires,  you are going to divide the length of the wire into the cost.  When you buy in packs divide the number of components into the cost,  it will take a little time to get it,  but you will.

Example 17.00 for stringing wire,  and you are going to use 9 inches of it,  divide 9 into the cost of $17,  and it will give you what the cost for the wire.  I hope this has helped you

Monday, November 7, 2016


When adding rustic beads, and elegant beads together, you are building a piece with characters.  A jeweler finds a way to create unique and one of a kind jewelry,  because this is what makes each jeweler stands out.   It is very important for jewelers to start building on where they want to go with their art.  Jewelry pricing is a problem with all jewelers when they start out in the business,  because they are always short on money to get the tools and components they need.   Here are some tips on getting started:

1.. Research other jewelers work to get a feel for your own designs,
2.. Find a jewelry supply store to research tools, and jewelry components
3..Start out small pricing your jewelry at the price point that you want for your  business.

Remember that your components and labor is going to determine your price,  so if you want to sell high ends jewelry you can start out by making one or two piece at a time as you continue to build on your business.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


As  they say let the passion run free,  I am always telling people that I am crafty.  I feel blessed and full of life when I am creating.   I create custom wigs, health and beauty product,  I especially love creating soaps,  and now a perfume line.   I finally came full circle when I started back designing jewelry.   The video which is shown below is just a few of the jewelry pieces that was created this year.   I am very happy with the products that I created and I hope that you will get on your passion and start creating whatever it is you want to do.


You can see all of my jewelry in my store at SHAWZAE BOUTIQUE go to  the store will have new items as they are posted 

Friday, October 21, 2016


This is a great time to start getting custom orders in for the holidays.   One of the reason this is a good time is because of ordering and getting the components needed,  once it get closer to the holidays,  getting your orders are a little slower.   We have been creating custom jewelry for over 10 years,  and our designs are unique and elegant for today trending men and women.  Thank you for being a part of our family at Shawzae.   To order from Shawzae click on Etsy Shop,  where you will find some of our jewelry ready to sell.